• Wash Packages
  • Platinum PLUS
    Includes Platinum package plus Rain-X for wheels, UV Protection Clear Coat Polish, Rust Inhibitor and 3 Day Platinum PLUS Exterior Re-Wash for any reason*.
  • Gold
    Includes Silver package plus high pressure wheel blaster and triple foam shine
  • Silver
    Includes our Basic wash package plus Sealer Wax and Under Carriage Rinse
  • Basic
    Includes our Exterior Wash plus interior vacuum of seats and floor
  • Car Care
  • Wax - Blue Coral - $9.95
    Add to any wash. Your car comes out wet, we apply this spray wax and wipe it all down. Takes less than 10 minutes, offers a superior shine and provides 30 days of protection.
  • Manager Special - $39.95
    Our Platinum Wash Package plus an interior detailing of dash and hard surfaces in around 15 minutes while you wait
  • Shampoo of Mats - $11.95
    Shampoo set of 4 mats. Individual mats are $4 per mat.
  • Express Wax - $49.95
    Our Platinum Wash plus a coat of hand applied wax

Larger vehicles subject to a small surcharge.

* Not redeemable if car wash is closed due to weather for any portion of that 3 day period which prevents claimee from redeeming.
$26.95 $21.95 $17.95 $14.95 $8.50
Exterior Wash          
Wheel Brightener          
Vacuum Seats/Floors          
Sealer Wax          
Under Carriage Rinse          
Wheel Blaster          
Triple Foam Shine          
Clear Coat Protectant          
Tire Dressing          
Floor Mat Washing          
3 Day Platinum + Re -Wash *          

$2 Surcharge on Vans/Limos/SUV's & Trucks. $1 charge for Vacuuming Trunk(Free with Platinum Wash
Platinum + Washers: Present your receipt within 3 days to our Greeter for a FREE Platinum + Exterior Wash *

Platinum + Wash

Treat your car to our top package offering the popular Rain-X treatment. We also dress the tires with Black Magic, apply Clear Coat and wash all rubber mats.

Bring your Platinum + wash receipt back within 3 days and get a FREE Platinum + Exterior Wash. No excuses or explanations required. *

Your car will come out looking like brand new.